Dr Wayne Fairbrother

Wayne Fairbrother joined Genentech in 1992 and, together with Nick Skelton, established a Protein Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) group that focused primarily on the application of techniques for studying the solution structures of proteins and protein-protein or protein-ligand complexes of therapeutic interest. He has had leadership roles in multi-disciplinary projects in which structure-based design was used to identify small-molecule antagonists of protein-protein interactions. Therapeutics resulting from these efforts have reached the clinic through clinical trials and FDA approval. Wayne now leads a department whose focus is exploring novel protein targets through the use of biophysical, biochemical, chemical and structural-biology methods; developing tools to pharmacologically validate novel targets; and the development of technologies to target challenging proteins. He is an active Postdoctoral Mentor, maintaining a keen interest in structural biology and protein NMR through interactions with the postdocs in his lab.

In the past he has contributed structural biology support to a number of projects aimed at characterizing important protein-peptide interactions


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