Prof Margaret Brimble

Professor Margaret Brimble is a multi-award winning chemist whose group incorporates the synthesis of complex bioactive small molecules and peptides. 

Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble (FRS, CNZM, FRSNZ, FRSC, FRACI, FNZIC) is part of the School of Chemical Sciences and School of Biological Sciences, and Chair of Organic, and Director of Medicinal, Chemistry at the University of Auckland, Principal Investigator of the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery and Principal Investigator of Brain Research New Zealand. She is a multi-award winning scientists who leads a research group that leverages expertise in asymmetric synthesis, heterocyclic chemistry and organocatalysis to synthesise complex bioactive natural products. The Peptide chemistry arm of her group takes on the synthesis of glycopeptides, lipopeptides, peptidomimetics and peptide natural products.