Professor Kevin Gardner

Kevin Gardner received his training in biochemistry and biophysics with undergraduate work at UC Davis (B.S., Biochemistry, 1989), graduate work at Yale (Ph.D., Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, 1995) and postdoctoral research at the University of Toronto.  After starting his independent research group at UT Southwestern Medical Center, he moved his lab in 2014 to the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center to establish the new Structural Biology Initiative there.  In parallel, he also started as a Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the City College of New York.  Using a combination of structural biology, biochemistry and cell biology approaches, he and his research teams probe the atomic-level signaling mechanisms of proteins used by cells to sense and respond to the environment around them.  This research aims to decipher how proteins use common sensory mechanisms despite tremendous diversity in their functions and biological settings – for example, revealing how natural metabolites trigger conformational changes within a human transcription factor similarly to how a photosensory protein detects blue light within marine bacteria.  Such studies have laid the foundation for understanding the natural regulation of these systems and artificially controlling them, seeding new lines of basic research and biotech applications. 

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