Dr Sarel Fleishman

Sarel Fleishman is an Assistant Professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science studying computational protein design. Sarel studied in Tel-Aviv University’s Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Programme, where he graduated with a M.Sc. in biochemistry (2002). He received his Ph.D. with distinction from Tel-Aviv University (2007) for structural-bioinformatics studies of membrane proteins, for which he received the Science magazine and GE Healthcare award for Young Life Scientists (2008). He continued to a postdoc supported by the Human Frontier Science Programme with David Baker at the University of Washington, where he developed methods for design of protein binders and inhibitors, culminating in the design of broadly neutralizing small-protein inhibitors of influenza virus. The Fleishman lab focuses on antibody and enzyme design, the design of stable and high-expression variants of natural enzymes, binders and vaccine immunogens, and the design of membrane proteins. http://www.fleishmanlab.org

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